Friday, August 3, 2012

American Girl

We are about a week into my favorite sporting event of all time: The Olympics! Every 2 years I become glued to my T.V. for 2 weeks as I cheer on Team USA in every sport from swimming to figure skating to table tennis. I'll never forget my first Olympic memory. I was just 6 when the magnificent 7 took home the gold. I vividly remember becoming obsessed with those adorable gymnasts. Kerri Strung and Dominique Moceanu were my heroes. I had their posters on my wall and I even owned Olympic Gymnast Barbie. And that was it, my heart belonged to the Olympics forever.
I'll be the first to admit I become a bit of a nationalist during the Olympics. I have been known to get a little upset when athletes from other countries end up higher on the medal stand than the Americans. Despite my turning into a "nationalistic olympaholic", I really do love the international spirit of the games. There is something so special about people from all different countries, cultures, and backgrounds coming together to share their love of sport. I also love the unity it brings to the U.S. Here in the United States we often focus on our differences. It tends to always be Democrat vs. Republican, Yankees Fan v. Red Sox Fan, etc. but during the Olympics we all join together to cheer on Team USA. 
This past week, as I have enjoyed watching the Fab Five take home team gold in gymnastics and Michael Phelps become the greatest Olympian of all time, I've found myself wanting to rock the red, white, and blue as much as possible. From patriotic nails to an American flag scarf here are some of my favorite ways to fashionable support Team USA. 
Blake Lively's red maxi and vest are the perfect way to subtly wear red, white, and blue without wearing the stares and stripes. 

I love these shorts from J Crew. They are a light weight cotton and just the perfect length  (not too short and not too long) AND they come in awesome colors! Pair these blue ones with one of these tops from the perfect patriotic outfit! 
Although I am a huge fan of subtly adding red, white, and blue into your wardrobe sometimes you just have to go all in and wear the stars and stripes 

I hope you enjoyed my Olympics themed post. I will try and updated this blog more frequently as my summer internship comes to a close. 
Until next time XOXO

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I have been attempting to start a blog for the last several years. As a fashion enthusiast (and now a fashion student) I recognize the importance of blogs in the fashion industry. Reading blogs has become an important part of my daily life. I love reading blogs and being inspired by the lives of others. In today's interconnected society I think blogs allow us to connect with each other and share similar interests. Blogs help us to see that we are not alone in our journeys. 

So after graduating for the University of Oklahoma 3 weeks ago and moving home to sunny Southern California, I decided it was finally the right time to start a blog. Although the main focus of this blog will be fashion, it will also chronicle my journey from college sorority girl to fashion industry career woman. I'll share my love of all things California, which includes my obsession with baseball (Go Yankees!). Although I am a big city California girl at heart, spending four years in Oklahoma has definitely left its mark on me. I am known to say "y'all", will occasionally slip and call the freeway the highway, and I believe there is nothing better than college football season (Boomer Sooner!). 

My love for the University of Oklahoma is intertwined with my love for my sorority Alpha Phi. I fully embrace the "not four years, for life" philosophy, and although I am no longer an active collegian I am a very proud Alpha Phi alum. Alpha Phi is also the inspiration of the title of my blog. Forget-Me-Nots are Alpha Phi's flower and I have loved them since day one of my Alpha Phi Journey. I think they symbolize everlasting friendship and the idea that no matter how far we travel on our paths the people we meet along the way never truly leave us. 

For now I leave you with a few of my favorite things.

The two people in the fashion Industry that inspire me the most are Coco Channel and Rachel Zoe. I admire their love for fashion and ability to push the limits. To me the are the perfect example of strong, powerful women who make their own way in their industry of choice. 

Huntington Beach, California is perhaps one of my favorite places in this world. To be it symbolizes all that is good in California.

Baseball season is my favorite part of summer. There is nothing better than sitting at game with an ice cold beer and great friends. The way the summer sun hits the green grass of a baseball field is a thing of beauty in my opinion. I am an absolute die hard New York Yankees fan. Unfortunately I live on the other side of the country and am forced to enjoy baseball at Angel Stadium. I am not an Angel fan but Angel stadium has definitely become home to me over the years. 

The University of Oklahoma will always have my heart. I definitely "left my heart in Oklahoma" 

And of course Forget-Me-Nots 

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